Saturday, April 15, 2017

Germany Sells Arms to UAE despite Saudi's Ongoing War on Yemen

Germany has approved more major weapons deals with the UAE, including deliveries of high-caliber ammunition, which is helping the Saudi regime in its ongoing war on Yemen.

Germany is supplying more weapons to belligerents in the Yemen conflict, even though the ongoing war in the Middle East's poorest country has triggered a famine and a refugee crisis, Deutsche Welle reported on Saturday.

Citing an Economy Ministry document delivered to parliament, both "Der Spiegel" and the "taz" newspaper reported this week that the German government approved the sale to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of 203,448 detonators for 40-mm shells by the Rottweil-based company Junghans Microtec, as well as 126 million euros ($134 million) worth of armor-plating for military vehicles by Dynamit Nobel Defence, located in Burbach, North Rhine-Westphalia.

The sales show that Germany is continuing its policy of arming countries in the Middle East despite their direct involvement in the Saudi war on Yemen, and despite the German government's policy of vetting arms deals for potential humanitarian impact.

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