Thursday, July 30, 2015

Buddhist association demands truth after accusations

The Buddhist Association of China (BAC) on Thursday called for the truth as soon as possible about accusations by a self-claimed insider against the abbot of a famous kungfu temple.

The accuser, Shi Zhengyi, posted a series of allegations on the Internet, accusing Shi Yongxin, abbot of the Shaolin Temple in central China, of being an "embezzler and womanizer" with illegitimate children.

The accusation "concerns the image and reputation of Chinese Buddhism," the BAC said in a statement.

The BAC has reported the case to authorities, hoping to clarify the facts, said the statement.

The list of accusations included documents purportedly showing that BAC vice-chairman Shi Yongxin was kicked out of Shaolin in the 1980s following a theft.

The monastery denies all the allegations and has reported Shi Zhengyi, who is thought to have hurled "fabricated and malicious insults and libel," to the police.

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