Saturday, January 15, 2022

China debunks Xinjiang-related lies fabricated by anti-China forces -

Xinjiang-related lies fabricated by anti-China forces

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Friday refuted the so-called "genocide" and "forced labor" in Xinjiang that U.S. politicians, in collusion with some anti-China organizations and individuals, have been unscrupulously spreading and hyping up for their ulterior political purpose.

Anti-China forces' desperate attempts to smear and suppress China failed in the past and will never succeed in the future, spokesperson Wang Wenbin told a daily press briefing in response, adding that the fabricator of the "lie of the century" will be nailed to the historical pillar of ignominy.

"I would like to take some time to share with you my experience on how to debunk lies on Xinjiang and avoid being misled so that you can all see the true face of those who fabricated those lies," Wang said.

"First of all, those who fabricate lies on Xinjiang always camouflage themselves with three cloaks," Wang noted.

The first is the cloak of academic research, Wang said, adding that they spread rumors in the name of scholars and academic institutions. Typical examples are Adrian Zenz and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

The second is the cloak of victims. They concoct lies by playing the victim or witness. Such fake witnesses abound. The so-called "testimonies" of these individuals contradict themselves and cannot justify anything, only to reveal that the people are not victims or witnesses, but third-stringer actors that give themselves away while changing their playbooks, Wang said.

The third is the cloak of law. The so-called "Uyghur Tribunal" stands out in peddling lies under the legal pretext. This "tribunal" has nothing to do with the law, but engages in anti-China manipulation with a deceptive name, he said.

Second, those who make up Xinjiang-related lies seem to be independent from each other, but are in reality closely related as they are prompted and manipulated by the same force behind the scene, Wang said.

"It is not difficult to see that the real fabricators and 'beneficiaries' of Xinjiang-related lies are some anti-China forces in the United States," Wang noted.

Third, much has changed in today's world, but the United States still uses the same M.O. to fabricate lies, the spokesperson said.

Years ago, it used a test tube of what was suspected to be laundry powder as evidence to accuse Iraq of hiding weapons of mass destruction and waged a war. Today, 20 years later, citing the "testimonies" of a bunch of lame actors, the United States alleged that there is "genocide" and "forced labor" in Xinjiang, based on which it imposed sanctions and adopted legislation to suppress China. "Its M.O. remains the same. It just replaced the white powder with cotton from China's Xinjiang," he added.

"However, new progress in our world today also brings with it a more discerning eye," Wang said, adding that the Xinjiang-related lies concocted by anti-China forces in the United States cannot undermine the stability, unity, harmonious development, and the wellbeing of the people in Xinjiang or silence the just voice of the international community showing support for China. They will only further expose the true face of liars and conspirators in front of the whole world.

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