Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Chile, Pueblo Mapuche: Police repress demonstration for the Day of Indigenous Resistance


 In Chile the meeting for the commemoration for the day of resistance of the indigenous people was repressed by the Carabineros.

Every year, a mobilized sector of different native peoples marches on the anniversary of the "meeting" of two worlds. It is the day of indigenous resistance, which consists of commemorating the historical and ancestral demands of different peoples and native nations of Latin  America.

This year the call was for a Trawun (meeting) at 10 am on the slopes of Cerro Huelén, known in the city of Santiago as Cerro Santa Lucía. Different organizations of native peoples and activism for the Mapuche  people met in this place to commemorate and market. However, a small march took place in the vicinity of Plaza Dignidad up to the Huelén hill, where it was completely repressed by police.

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