Saturday, May 20, 2023

16% of French People Say They Do Not Have Enough to Eat

16% of French People Say They Do Not Have Enough to Eat

According to a report by the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (Crédoc), 16% of French people say they do not have enough to eat. A figure that has jumped 4 points in just five months.

According to this study revealed by France info, 39% of French people said they could eat all the products they want in November 2022, compared to 44% in July of the same year. Over the same period, the proportion of people claiming to have enough to eat but not necessarily the foods they would like remained almost stable, from 44 to 45%, The Time News reported.

But it is above all the jump in the number of people who do not eat enough that challenges, going from 12 to 16% of the population in five months. In 2016, they were “only” 9% in this situation.

Unsurprisingly, it is the already most vulnerable people who suffer from insufficient nutrition. 24% of people under 40 do not have enough to eat, compared to 3% of people over 70. This food insecurity also concerns 18% of women against 14% of men.

Finally, 31% of people with low incomes are affected, compared to 4% of those with high incomes. The French of the middle class are between 11 and 13% to be in this situation.

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