Thursday, May 5, 2016

The delay of the Pontian Struggle

The delay of the Pontian struggle has many reasons. We may have achieved the recognition of the genocide of Pontians in Greece, in Cyprus, in Sweden, in Armenia, in two States of Australia, in nine States of America, it is obvious that things are moving slow.

 First, there are internal conflicts which disarm us for work aiming abroad.

Second, the authorities think that genocide is and old issue which needs reexamination while it concerns facts which the European Parliament too recognized.

Third; Pontians have been incorporated in political parties and follow their directions even if these violate the Pontian Struggle.

 Fourth, Pontians vote independently of the framework of recognition on an international level.

Fifth, only recently we activated the alliance of victims, namely the Armenians, the Assyrians and the Greeks, while we see that this approach is more effective.

Sixth, in Greece we have not yet recognized the genocide of the Assyrians, while it belongs to the Trinity of Genocides.

Seventh, many Pontians believe that recognition is the end and they don’t know the correction process, neither do they realize that they were examples for Lemkin when he invented the word genocide.

Eighth, the arts do not support enough with the means they have the Pontian Struggle.

Ninth, there is lack of history and strategy for the next steps.

Tenth, many Pontians have not realized that Pontus is occupied and that its liberation is related to Western Armenia already since 1920.
 N. Lygeros - OPUS
***Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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