Friday, July 8, 2016

Shooter from Dallas said that he wanted to kill white police officers

One of the shooters who opened fire on a police officer in Dallas, said during negotiations that he wanted to kill more white police officers. The victims of this incident were five guards.

The alleged shooter was blocked in the building. During the talks, he said that was furious because of several cases of murders of blacks by the police, and wanted revenge, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The negotiations eventually broke down, and police were forced to destroy the arrow. As reported by the chief of police David brown, they used a robot to destroy explosive devices. Equipped with a bomb the robot drove up to arrow and brought to deysvtie bomb. In the result, the shooter has been eliminated. As Browne said, other possibilities to neutralize the criminal was not.

The shooter’s name has not been published.

The evening of July 7 snipers opened fire on the police in the downtown Dallas (Texas, USA), near Delay Plaza, during a protest against killings of African Americans by law enforcement officials. According to sources, five policemen were killed and nine people were injured, including seven police officers.

Arrested at least three suspects of involvement in the crime.

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