Saturday, April 2, 2016

Belgium to require non-EU migrants sign declaration to uphold "European values"

Non-EU migrants settling in Belgium will be made to sign a declaration accepting "European values" under a new law expected to be passed in the coming months, as the government struggles to defend itself against accusations that it has become a "hotbed of terrorism".

Belgium, with a population of 11 million, is per capita Europe's biggest supplier of foreign jihadists to Syria, with more than 500 citizens leaving since 2011.

Termed a "newcomers' statement", the pledge will be signed by people moving to the country for more than three months and includes a promise to prevent and report attempts to commit "acts of terrorism," The Independent reports.

The declaration was drafted by Belgium's secretary of state for asylum and migration, Theo Francken.

It will not be applicable to asylum seekers and students, according to Laurent Mutambayi, a spokesperson for Francken.

“Many people are coming from countries with other values. If they want to build their life here in Europe [we have] no problem with that but they have to sign this statement that they accept our values,” Reuters quotes Mutambayi...

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