Saturday, July 23, 2016

German police say 10 dead in Munich, including lone shooter

Friday's assault at a Munich shopping mall was "probably" the work of a lone assailant who took his own life after fatally shooting nine people, German police said.

"We found a man, who killed himself. We assume, that he was the only shooter," the Munich police said on Twitter shortly after authorizing the resumption of transit service in the Bavarian metropolis.

Authorities, who had been searching for three attackers based on witness accounts, had ordered public transportation shut down during the manhunt.

The first call by an eyewitness was received at 5:50 p.m. and notified authorities about gunfire on two streets near the Olympia shopping complex, which is located in a residential area and is made up of 135 commercial establishments.

Shortly afterward, Munich police force urged citizens via Twitter to abandon public places and not leave their homes.

Officials also instructed the public not to disseminate photos or videos of the police operation, saying doing so could aid the attackers.

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