Monday, October 10, 2016

Fidel Castro says Donald Trump is "disqualified"

Former Cuban President, Fidel Castro, said on Sunday that the US Republican candidate for President, billionaire Donald Trump, is "disqualified," after the first debate with his Democrat adversary Hillary Clinton, two weeks ago.

"Mr Trump, who was supposedly a capable expert, was disqualified," said the historic leader of Cuban Revolution in an article entitled "The uncertain destiny of the human species," published by the island's official media.

Officially retired from power since 2008, Castro, 90, called on his compatriots to remember that on Sunday there will be another debate between the two US presidential candidates and he stressed that the previous one caused a "shock."

Every year, Cuba follows the battle for the main seat at the White House due to policy changes that the new president could bring that could affect the Caribbean island.

Havana and Washington restored diplomatic relations in July 2015 after 54 years of political enmity. Since then the two nations have advanced their cooperation in several fields, though the half-century-long US embargo against the Caribbean nation remains in place.

Even though the island's authorities have not expressed any official opinion on the US presidential candidates, they are afraid that another republican leader might restrain the new ties established between the two countries.

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