Sunday, November 27, 2016

EU has links with 'odious regimes' like Saudi Arabia: Juncker

When asked whether the EU should still have dialogue with a “more and more authoritarian” Turkish president, the head of the European Commission responded by asking why nobody has been questioning him about EU relations with Saudi Arabia.

He spoke of a necessity to have links with “odious regimes”.

“We have relations with all dictatorships because we need to organize, to co-organize the world,” Jean-Claude Juncker said in an interview with Euronews.

“We, the European Union, have links with regimes that are odious. And nobody asks us about it. Everybody’s worried about Turkey, but nobody’s talking about Saudi Arabia,” he said.

The European Commission president said that due to the position he occupies he has to maintain “dialogue with many people. Even those, whose company I don’t appreciate much.”

As for relations with Erdogan, he said he holds meetings with the Turkish leader on a regular basis.

“I have known him for the last 17-18 years. I know him but also he knows me,” Juncker said.

According to the top EU official, Europe is in no position to lecture Ankara on the refugee and migrant crisis.

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