Saturday, November 19, 2016

Germany mulls closer surveillance of anti-state extremist group

German government says it is considering placing the so-called Reich Citizens' Movement, a disparate group whose members do not recognize the legitimacy of the German state, under closer surveillance.

The Interior Ministry has asked the domestic intelligence agency to reassess the dangers posed by the movement, according to a government memo seen by dpa, one month after a self-proclaimed "reich citizen" fatally shot a police officer and injured three others in the southern state of Bavaria.

The enquiry into whether the group should be more closely monitored "is not yet concluded," the government said in response to a parliamentary request for information lodged by the Greens.

Members of the Reich Citizens' Movement believe in the continued existence of the Third Reich, with its pre-World War II borders. They do not recognize government statutes or proceedings, view most forms of taxation as illegitimate, and do not recognize the euro currency.

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