Friday, December 9, 2016

US ‘Fake News’ Controversy Fuels New Era of McCarthyism

The calls to suppress independent alternative news web sites and other information platforms in the United States are the start of a new era of false accusations and repression like the Joe McCarthy hysteria of the 1950s, analysts told Sputnik.

 US Congress recently agreed to fund $160 million to battle what they claimed to be foreign propaganda and an alleged Russian campaign to spread “fake news.”

The measure has been folded into the National Defense Authorization Act and gives the State Department the power to identify “propaganda” and take actions to reply to it. “Clearly we are seeing a resurgence of McCarthyism here in the United States,” University of Illinois Professor of International Law Francis Boyle said.

The accusations of “fake news’ are not meant to protect the public from unreliable information but are intended to prevent them accessing genuinely independent information that is being suppressed in the mainstream media, Boyle maintained.

The accusations are “designed by the US Imperial Corporate Establishment to repress alternative viewpoints that call into question their criminal, lawless, unjust and inequitable behavior across the board,” Boyle stated.

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