Monday, August 14, 2017

Jordan to delay return of Israeli delegation to Amman

Israeli delegation to Amman
Jordan has demanded a delay for the return of Israeli embassy delegation to Amman, after an Israeli embassy guard shot dead two Jordanians last month, a government official said Sunday.

Jordan asked Israel not to immediately send the mission back to Jordan, said the official, adding that the move slammed the "hero welcome" given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the guard upon his return to Tel Aviv.

The welcome by Netanyahu enraged millions of Jordanians and caused an outrage across the country.

Jordan insisted on receiving assurance from Israel that the guard would be investigated and stand on trial, said the official.

In July, an Israeli embassy guard killed a young Jordanian and injured another Jordanian doctor who later died from wounds. Israeli Foreign Ministry later claimed that the guard had been attacked by the two victims before he fought back.

The incident led to a standoff between Jordan and Israel, however, Jordan allowed the Israeli guard and other embassy staff to leave for Tel Aviv later.

Jordanian authorities said that they would take all legal measures to send the Israeli guard to court.

Jordan was the second Arab state to sign a peace deal with Israel in 1994 after Egypt.

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