Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tear Gas Used in Paris as Strike against Macron’s Labor Reforms Grips France

Tear Gas Used in Paris
Police used tear gas in Paris on Tuesday to disperse a demonstration, part of nationwide strike against President Emmanuel Macron's labor reforms. The reforms especially affect public sector workers, and over 200,000 hit the streets across the country.

On Tuesday, French public sector unions called on some five million civil servants to join in over 130 planned marches against Macron’s labor reforms. The protesters opposed axing civil service jobs, salary freezes and stricter sick-leave rules, RT reported.

In Paris over 25,000 thousand marched through the city, according to police estimates. However, one of the trade unions taking part on the strike, the CGT, said that twice that number were in attendance, AP reports.

While the rally started peacefully, some people smashed windows and painted walls and eventually started clashing with police.

Around 209,000 joined the demonstrations across France, the Interior Ministry said. That figure is around half that given by the unions, who say that some 400,000 people took part in the rallies nationwide. The strike disrupted schools, hospitals and air traffic across France.

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