Sunday, February 11, 2018

Greeks celebrate Chinese New Year in Athens

Chinese New Year in Athens
Greeks joined their Chinese friends living in Athens on Saturday in celebrations ahead of the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, sending warm wishes to China for a prosperous and peaceful year.

Ahead of the Chinese New Year which starts on Feb. 16 this year, the Chinese community warmly welcomed Greek friends at Technopolis cultural hub in the center of the Greek capital which was decorated with Chinese red lanterns for the occasion.

People strolled along the eight exhibition stands set up to get a taste of Chinese culture and traditions, and have an experience of a Temple Fair.

Children and adults admired the artists showcasing calligraphy and mask making, bought Chinese books, handmade toys, small gifts and enjoyed delicious Chinese snacks and food, before entering the nearby fully packed theater hall which hosted a spectacular performance by visiting Chinese art troupes.

Under the theme "Night of Beijing" artists from the Opera, Dance Academy and National Orchestra of Beijing, along with other troupes, performed traditional dances, theater plays, impressive acrobatics and Chinese martial arts, enthralling the audience.

The show started with a dragon dance and Chinese martial arts performance by young Greek students who were also greeted with applause and cheers from spectators.

The event was jointly organized by the Chinese embassy in Greece and the Beijing municipality with the support of the Chinese cultural center in Athens as well as the Chinese community, businesses and media in Greece.

Until Monday (Feb. 12) Athenians will have the chance to stop by Technopolis to visit the Temple Fair, watch music and dance performances by the Chinese artists and share the joy with the Chinese people.

Chinese and Greeks attending Saturday's event expressed high hopes for the upcoming Chinese New Year and the future of Sino-Greek friendship and cooperation.

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