Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Demonstrations expected in Helsinki during Trump-Putin meeting

Demonstrations expected in Helsinki during Trump-Putin meeting
The police in Helsinki said on Tuesday it has received four advance notifications about planned demonstrations during the summit of US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin due on July 16.

Inspector Juha Hakola of Helsinki police told national broadcaster Yle that the demonstrators include the Youth league of the conservative party and a grouping of Russians living in Finland. He had no background about the two others.

Yle reported that a newly-formed grouping "Helsinki for human rights" has also been planning demonstrations, but the group was unknown to the police.

Hakola said the police expect more notifications. The police can assign areas and street routings for demonstrations.

Yle reported that locations will not be given until after the site of the talks is divulged.

Henrik Vuornos, chairman of the conservative party youth league, told Yle they demonstrate against the Russian presence in the Crimea and against the recent tariffs levied by the US against the European Union.

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