Monday, May 31, 2021

China allows couples to have a 3rd child in order to fix the country’s aging population problem — RT World News

China allows couples to have a 3rd child

China has allowed families to have a third child, as the country faces an increasingly aging population. The longstanding one-child policy was abandoned in 2016.

“Policy that allows a couple to have three children will be introduced with supporting measures,” China’s Communist Party Politburo said in a statement, as cited by the South China Morning Post. “This will improve the population structure of China.”

The move is aimed at tackling the country’s demographic problem.

Xinhua news agency cited the Politburo as saying that the “decision to optimize birth policies will promote a long-term and balanced population development.” The governing body’s meeting on Monday was chaired by China’s leader, Xi Jinping.

China ended its decades-old one-child policy, which was designed to control population growth, in October 2015. Starting from 2016, couples were allowed to have two children.

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