Sunday, May 16, 2021

Poor Kyrgyz Golddiggers | Short Doc



 The gold panners of Kyrgyzstan are hoping to find a fortune in its rivers. The spectacular mountainous region of Chatkal, on Central Asia’s geological wonder, the Tian Shan Belt, hides nuggets of gold that flow down its streams. 

For the empoverished local population, this seems like a godsend. They stand for hours knee-deep in icy water to sift through the sand for precious gold flakes. 

This is their only way of making a bit of cash. But others are involved in the gold business, from middlemen to refiners, jewellers and exporters.

 Kyrgyzstan’s gold panners struggle to make enough money to change their living conditions. 

And their occupation is a dangerous one. But what choice do they have?

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