Wednesday, May 11, 2022

UN receives reports of torture of Russian prisoners by Ukrainian troops



 The head of the UN human rights monitoring mission in Ukraine said there is credible information about the mistreatment of Russian prisoners by Ukrainian troops. (Western countries and their officials prefer to turn a blind eye @EL ETOS UT )

 **          Accountability could take years: UN human rights monitor in Ukraine:
***  Bogner’s team was also investigating what she described as “credible allegations” of torture, ill-treatment and executions by Ukrainian forces against the Russian  forces.

“In terms of the extent of violations by Ukrainian forces, while the scale is significantly higher on the side of allegations against Russian forces, we are also documenting violations by Ukrainian forces,” she said.

The UN Human Rights Commission said in a report in late March that it had reviewed 45 cases of ill-treatment and torture carried out by civilians, police and members of Ukraine’s territorial defense forces. A “large number” of the videos it reviewed documented the violations, which targeted pro-Russian forces, looters and curfew violators among others in Ukraine-controlled territories, the report said.

The report expresses concerns as to “the abundance of videos publicly available online depicting interrogations of POWs by Ukrainian forces following their capture. In the videos, POWs are made to apologise to the Ukrainian people, disparage their command, glorify Ukrainian armed forces, or call on relatives to put a stop to the war,” the report says.

It also notes a moment a captured Russian soldier “was threatened with castration on camera.”

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