Monday, June 6, 2022

Climate change threatens the ruins of the Greek island of Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


 In a century, the sea level in the Mediterranean has risen from half a meter to a meter and a half in some areas
 [ Euronews ES]
*** As everywhere in the Mediterranean, so in Delos, the sea level is rising. This has significant implications for the small and fragile scale of Delos. The sea gradually covers the coast. Of the four houses operated by the French Archaeological School, one is now located right on the coastline, while 30 years ago it was three meters away.
Without trees and vegetation, Delos is open to the sun and wind. The granite rock erodes and turns into sand that becomes dust with the wind. This dust rubs the marbles and spoils them. For this reason about 15 years ago the famous Lions of Delos were transferred by the Ephorate of Cyclades to the protected area of ​​the museum.

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