Friday, July 22, 2022

Mirotvorets: Press TV correspondent in Ukraine "placed on kill list"


Press TV’s correspondent in Ukraine Johnny Miller says he has been placed on a “kill list” by Ukrainian ultranationalists following his revelations about Ukrainian atrocities against pro-Russian children and other civilians in the Donbass region.

Reporting from a war-torn country, Miller said on Friday that the neo-Nazi group wants him dead following his repeated reports about Ukrainian forces’ violence in the east of the country.
[ VoV News]

1. UN chief’s office confirms receipt of Russia's letter urging Mirotvorets website shutdown
2. Russia urges UN Secretary General to assist in shutting down Mirotvorets project
3. Russia sounds the alarm over children listed by Ukraine as enemies
The website Mirotvorets features personal details of more than 320 minors, including a 9-year-old, human rights activists revealed
4. Faina Savenkova – “I wanted Americans to know the truth”

Faina also wants to draw attention again to the Ukrainian website Mirotvorets, which has published a database of thousands of names, including hers, along with personal information like home addresses. The people listed, mostly journalists, activists and writers like herself, are deemed to be “enemies of Ukraine.” At least one journalist on this list has been killed, and after his death, the Ukrainian word for “liquidated” was put over his photograph in red letters.Despite demands from international human rights organizations, Mirotvorets, which ironically means “Peacemaker,” continues to operate. You can visit the site, but be prepared to see graphic images of violence. The website’s home page is covered with photographs of dead Russian soldiers, and that is only the beginning of the horror. And yet the website remains. This is what Faina had to say about it:

FS: I wrote a video appeal to the UN last year, about how children shouldn’t die [in war]. In October, this website posted my contact information and home address, violating international laws on personal data. Now my data is on the Internet. This is a danger to my life, because in addition to nationalists, there are human traffickers and just murderers. My case caused a scandal and reached the UN Secretary General and UNICEF but unfortunately, all they did was express concern, and the danger to my life remains. Nevertheless, I will continue to fight this site, because it’s not just me, but many other children as well. It’s difficult for me to explain to Americans what Mirotvorets is.......

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