Monday, August 22, 2022

Serbian President Vucic Vows to Protect Kosovo Serbs If NATO Won't 'Do Their Job'


The president of Serbia urged NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR) to "do their job" in Kosovo on Sunday, warning that if they do not, Serbia will take action to defend its minority there.

Following the breakdown of political negotiations between the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo earlier this week, which were mediated by the European Union in Brussels, President Aleksandar Vucic delivered an aggravated televised address to his country.

“We have nowhere to go, we are cornered,” Vucic said. “We will save our people from persecution and pogroms, if NATO does not want to do it,” Sputnik reported.Additionally, he asserted it is necessary to prevent Kosovo Albanian "gangs" from entering northern Kosovo, where the majority of the Kosovo Serbs reside.

Vucic said the arduous struggle for the survival of the people and the state in Kosovo and Metohija continues to this day."After all the threats of the Albanian leadership, fear reigned.

Accordingly, it was our duty to tell people today, even though we know how difficult it is today, in conditions that are no longer hypothetical, we have nowhere to go, we are cornered and our key message was: 'No matter what, no matter what, the refugee columns will not happen," he said, per a translation.

The president noted that during the last round of talks, the Serbian delegation's proposal was the introduction of status-neutral boards.

Kosovars, he added "jumped as if scalded, they refused everything, they only care about destroying the lives of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and that the only purpose of bullying our people in Kosovo and Metohija is their final expulsion."........
2. Вучић: Обезбедићемо опстанак нашег народа на Косову и Метохији.

Председник Републике Србије Александар Вучић истакао је, обраћајући се грађанима, да се на Косову и Метохији још од 1999. године проводи перманентан терор над српским становништвом.

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