Friday, October 21, 2022

1.5 billion of EU aid to Ukraine per month. Ukraine informed EC that needs 3-4 billion



 Ukraine informed Brussels that it needs 3-4 billion euros per month from the EU and the US to cover its basic needs, of which the EU should allocate up to 1.5 billion euros per month to Ukraine, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told a press conference following the EU summit.

That means that next year, financial assistance from Brussels will be about 18 billion euros, she added.

"It is very important for Ukraine to have a predictable and stable flow of income. And Ukraine is telling us that they need approximately 3 to 4 bln euros per month to have enough resources for the basics. These 3 to 4 bln euros should be financed by the European Union, by our American friends and by financial institutions. Therefore, the discussion was about 1.5 bln per month for Ukraine financed by the European Union. So, this will give a figure of 18 bln euros for the next year," she said.

The European Commission President noted that these funds will go only to ensure the functioning of the state, not including grants to reconstruct the country.

"We have tasked finance ministers to develop the appropriate mechanism. But it was also important to give a signal to Ukraine that we understand how important this source of income is," von der Leyen said.

According to her, the European Union is studying how to help Ukraine restore the country's energy infrastructure facilities as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The EU Civil protection mechanism assumes that any EU country that faces an emergency situation it cannot handle on its own should quickly gain access to any resources - rescue equipment, transport, specialists, medical personnel. Initially, in the EU, the civil defense mechanism was activated in the event of a natural disaster in one of the countries of the community. This structure, which did not have its own resources, was engaged only in the coordination of assistance, which was sent by the rest of the states of the community.

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