Thursday, October 13, 2022

Turning to Garbage Dumps to Survive, Argentines Feel Pain of 100% Inflation - Tasnim News Agency

Argentines Feel Pain of 100% Inflation

Argentines facing an inflation rate set to top 100 per cent this year are grappling to survive, turning to recycling from garbage dumps or lining up to trade their belongings in barter clubs.

The South American country is set to post its sharpest rise in prices this year since a period of hyperinflation around 1990, an extreme case even in a world widely battling to tame inflation pushed up by the Russia-Ukraine war.

"My income is no longer enough," said Sergio Omar, who spends 12 hours a day trawling through mountains of waste from a landfill in Lujan, 65km outside capital Buenos Aires, in search of cardboard, plastic and metal which he sells.

Omar, 41, said food costs had spiked so much in recent months that it had become hard to feed his family with five kids. He said an increasing number of informal workers would come to the waste dump to find any items they could sell in the struggle to survive.

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