Wednesday, November 23, 2022

European Parliament passes resolution recognizing Russia as ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

European Parliament

The European Parliament during a session in Strasbourg on Wednesday adopted a resolution designating Russia as a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’, according to the text of the document published on its website. The session was broadcast live on the European Parliament's website.
According to the resolution, the European Parliament "recognizes Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and as a state which uses means of terrorism."

The document claims that Russia commits "acts of terror" against Ukraine. The MEPs called for increasing the isolation of Moscow, reducing diplomatic contacts with the country and completing work on preparing the ninth package of sanctions against Russia.

A total of 494 MEPs backed the resolution, 58 opposed it and 44 abstained.

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  1. Официальный представитель Министерства иностранных дел России Мария Захарова иронично прокомментировала принятую Европарламентом резолюцию о признании РФ «государством - спонсором терроризма» из-за специальной военной операции на Украине.

    «Предлагаю признать Европарламент спонсором идиотизма», - написала дипломат в своем Telegram-канале.
    The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, ironically commented on the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on recognizing the Russian Federation as a “state sponsor of terrorism” due to a special military operation in Ukraine.

    “I propose to recognize the European Parliament as a sponsor of idiocy,” the diplomat wrote in her Telegram channel.


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