Friday, November 25, 2022

Stoltenberg Says Ukraine Experiences Horrific Start Of Winter Due To Russias Airstrikes

Ukraine Experiences Horrific Start Of Winter

Ukraine experiences "horrific start" of the winter because of Russian strikes, with Europe also having tough times due to the energy crisis, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday.

"Waves of deliberate missile attacks on cities and civilian infrastructure, depriving Ukrainians of heat, light, and food. This is a horrific start to the winter for Ukraine," Stoltenberg told a press conference ahead of the NATO foreign ministers meeting in Bucharest scheduled to take place from November 29-30.

The secretary general noted that Europe had also been experiencing the energy crisis adding that "we are all paying a price" for the conflict in Ukraine.

Ukraine's Ministry of Energy said on Thursday that Russian missile strikes had temporarily disconnected all nuclear power plants as well as the majority of thermal and hydro-power stations from the national power grid, leaving millions of people with no electricity.

The military administration of Kiev also reported a 70% power deficit in the city.

On Friday, Ukraine's electricity transmission system operator Ukrenergo said that reconnection of consumers was in progress following Thursday's disruptions, with electricity producers on track to provide more than 70% of the country's consumption needs.

Russia has been launching airstrikes against Ukraine's military and energy infrastructure since October 10, two days after the bombing of the Crimean bridge, which Moscow has blamed on the Ukrainian special services.

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