Friday, December 2, 2022

Moscow Appalled At Frances Plan To Create Special Tribunal For Crimes By Russia

Special Tribunal For Crimes

Moscow is appalled at the plans of Paris regarding the creation of a "special tribunal for crimes by Russia," the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday, adding that it will have nothing to do with justice.

On Wednesday, the French Foreign Ministry said that Paris had started working with European and Ukrainian partners to create a special tribunal to investigate Russia's actions in Ukraine.

"We are outraged by the statement of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs regarding the plans to create some kind of a 'special tribunal for the crimes of Russian aggression.

' In addition to trying to involve the International Criminal Court, Western countries decided to promote the idea of creating another overtly politicized 'judicial' instance, which, in fact, has nothing to do with justice," the ministry said in a statement.

Paris refuses to see numerous registered war crimes of Ukrainian troops and deliberately ignores them, the statement read.

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