Wednesday, December 7, 2022

NGO Slams EU For Attempt To Suspend Own Asylum Procedures To Curb Migration

NGO Slams EU For Attempt To Suspend Own Asylum Procedures To Curb Migration

The European Union's intention to partly suspend its asylum seeking procedures is dangerous to the very roots of European migration system and can cause more migration-related issues, international non-governmental organization Oxfam said on Wednesday.

EU migration minsters will meet on Thursday to discuss amendments to the asylum and migration policy, which will allow member states to ignore the European asylum regulation as an emergency measure.

"EU ministers must scrap this attempt to dismantle EU asylum rules. It allows European countries to erode asylum standards when they feel migration is being used to put pressure on them," Oxfam EU migration expert Stephanie Pope said. "This proposal is just another step towards Fortress Europe."

The expert noted that that EU members should work on improving the existing migration system to make it more efficient and transparent instead of suspending undesirable parts of it.

Pope added that the EU's failure to fix migration issues had led to serious consequences, including children in detention and the creation of "prison-like" refugee camps funded by Brussels.

The expert also urged the EU to create the system of shared responsibility and clear asylum applications.

The EU has been maintaining its efforts to fight alleged instrumentalisation of migration by third parties. In December 2021, the European Commission proposed that Poland, Lithuania and Latvia restrict the right to seek asylum at certain border checkpoints amid months-long migration crisis on their borders with Belarus.

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