Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Nineteen Trains With Arms Sent By US To Europe Via Greek Port This Month Alone -Port Chief

port of Alexandroupolis

The US has sent 19 trains with military equipment through the Greek port of Alexandroupolis to Europe in December alone, chairman of the port authority Konstantinos Chatzimichail said on Tuesday.

"The last shipment operation of military equipment to Europe is coming to an end this year as the last train we have sent from the port is coming to its destination in northwestern Poland. 19 trains within a time frame of 19 days in addition to road shipments to the United States!" Chatzimichail wrote on social media.

The chairman said that the port and its railway are of strategic importance for Northern and Eastern Europe.

In October 2021, the United States inked a new defense agreement with Greece, receiving several new military bases at its disposal, including the port of Alexandroupolis and a military camp next to it. Now the port is used to transfer large amounts of Western military equipment. Greek Defense Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos confirmed that the US military base in Alexandroupolis could be also used to transfer troops to eastern Europe and Ukraine.

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