Thursday, December 29, 2022

Serbs in Kosovo agree to remove barricades, detention of former Serb police officer to house arrest


 1. Serb protesters have agreed to start removing barricades and end their blockade of roads in northern Kosovo, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said.

Vucic, who met Serbs from northern Kosovo in the Serbian town of Raska, said the process of removing the barricades, which have blocked roads for 19 days, will begin on Thursday morning.

The negotiations  lasted several hours, after which the protesters agreed to make concessions. At the same time, putting forward a number of conditions that relate to the security of local Serbs, as well as maintaining the status of Kosovo and Metohija as an autonomous region within Serbia. In addition, all protesters were promised that they would not be persecuted.

The roads are expected to be cleared within two days. However, local residents have already warned: in the event of harassment from Pristina, they will again block the entrances.

2. A Kosovo court on Wednesday downgraded the controversial detention of a former Serbian police officer to house arrest, according to his lawyer.

The lawyer for Dejan Pantic confirmed that the court replaced the detention order with house arrest.

"The Kosovo police are obliged to transfer Pantic to his home," said Nebojsa Vlajic.

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