Thursday, January 12, 2023

EU Allocates $27.4Mln In Humanitarian Aid To African Countries - Commission

Humanitarian Aid To African Countries

The European Union has allocated additional 25.5 million Euros ($27.4 million) in humanitarian aid to a number of African countries facing the food crisis, local conflicts and displacement, the European Commission said on Thursday.

"The European Commission has allocated an additional amount of 25.5 million euros in several African countries dealing with the repercussions of an unprecedented food crisis, but also with the results of conflict and displacement, as part of humanitarian funding allocated last year," a statement read.

In particular, the union has allocated 2 million euros to Algeria, Cameroon and Chad each, 4 million euros to the Central African Republic, 10 million euros to Sudan, and a total of 5.5 million euros to countries in southern Africa and the Indian Ocean.

The funds will be spent on reinforcing social protection schemes and key sectors, such as food assistance, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, the European Commission said. The aid will also be used to support newly displaced populations and host communities in conflict areas.

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