Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Child labor widespread problem in US: USA Today

Child labor widespread problem in US

There are children working under what amounts to indentured and slave labor conditions in every single U.S. state, which means that the country's child labor laws designed to prevent children from working at all are being broken, most egregiously by those who are exploiting the most vulnerable workers of all: underage migrant workers, reported USA Today on Sunday.

"These child workers are often isolated and without any kind of adult protection, breaking their backs on the vast fields and farms of big agriculture, which could be several days' walk from anywhere they could seek help, working long hours on physically dangerous factory assembly lines," the report cited a document released by The New York Times.

"We now know child labor supports, shockingly, so many of our favorite stores and brands: Target, Walmart, J. Crew, Whole Foods, Ben & Jerry's and my Mamaw's favorite, General Mills' Cheerios," it noted.

The victims often work all night, attempting to attend school during the day, many giving up on such an impossibly exhausting schedule. If they ask questions about their employment conditions, they may be retaliated against. Girls routinely experience sexual harassment and coercion by adult men, according to the report.

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