Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Dozens Of Potential Islamist Terrorists Infiltrate Germany As Asylum-Seekers - Reports

Dozens Of Potential Islamist Terrorists Infiltrate Germany As Asylum-Seekers

German domestic intelligence and law enforcement agencies believe that dozens of Islamist radicals have infiltrated Germany and several neighboring countries while pretending to be refugees to commit terrorist attacks on EU territory, German magazine Focus reported on Tuesday, citing sources.

Alleged terrorists arrived in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands as asylum-seekers mostly from the middle East and Central Asia, planning to commit attacks, according to the report. The German authorities had launched an investigation, it added.

"It is an old song. Before crossing the border, they destroy their identity documents, name some country of origin and then seek asylum under a made up name.

How should we know whether a possible terrorist is in front of us," an unnamed state security representative said.

There are around 1,750 individuals in Germany that have "Islamist terrorist potential," the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has estimated, according to the report.

Dozens of Islamist radicals have also got into Austria, the magazine said, citing the Austrian State Security and Intelligence Directorate.

Recent tensions between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East is feared to have lead to the radicalization of migrants coming from the region, according to the report.

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