Saturday, April 22, 2023

French Pension Reform Caused Total Rift Between Macron, Society

French Pension Reform Caused Total Rift Between Macron, Society

The French government's pension reform led to a total breakdown of relations between the French people and President Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the right-wing National Rally parliamentary group, said on Saturday.

"The problem is that Emmanuel Macron got completely 'bunkerized,' he can no longer leave the Elysee without drawing the ire of the people who he refuses to listen to and whose will he refuses to respect ... (He) generated this anger and it is he who is the cause of this disorder, the chaos. I believe that there is a total breakdown between Emmanuel Macron and the French people today," Le Pen told the BFMTV broadcaster.

Democracy means respecting the opinion of the people, the politician said, adding that France is now "more of a failed democracy" as the will of the French people is brushed aside.

"Emmanuel Macron is losing popularity because he does not respect the will of the people. If the people say they don't want this reform, then it must be put on hold!" she said.

On Friday, a poll carried out by BVA Group revealed that Macron's popularity plunged to a record low since he took office, as only 26% of French citizens support him following the implementation of the controversial pension reform. On Wednesday, he was booed by a crowd of protesters during his visit in Alsace, which was his first regional trip since the adoption of the controversial pension reform.

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