Tuesday, June 27, 2023

UK May Spend Over $215,000 On Each Migrant Expulsion To Rwanda

UK May Spend Over $215,000 On Each Migrant Expulsion To Rwanda

The expulsion of illegal migrants to Rwanda from the United Kingdom may cost London about 169,000 Pounds sterling ($215,170) per person, the UK's Home Office has said in its economic impact assessment report into the Illegal Migration Bill.

"The cost of processing an individual through the Bill process has been estimated in this analysis as 169,000. The cost saving achieved because a relocated individual no longer requires accommodation support while being processed through the current UK migration system is estimated at 106,000. This partial analysis estimates a net incremental cost of 63,000 per individual relocated," the report, published on Monday, said.

The document said that the deterrence rate, that is the proportion of migrants deterred from traveling to the UK by this policy, necessary for the cost of the policy to equal the savings achieved per individual relocated to a third country stood at 37%.

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