Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Attempts to destroy Russian culture 'suicide attempts,' Putin says

Attempts to destroy Russian culture 'suicide attempts,' Putin says

The Russian culture is a part of European and world heritage and it is impossible to destroy it, says Russian President Vladimir Putin.
"As for the campaign to cancel the Russian culture - we talked about it a lot: we laughed and we spoke seriously. The Russian culture, the culture of Russia is multi-national and it is a part of both European and world culture. And when someone seeks to destroy the Russian culture - it is a suicide attempt, because they destroy themselves," the head of state said during the meeting with the Presidential Academy (RANEPA) graduates Tuesday.

"One can kill a person, but it is impossible to kill a culture that he carries. And it is definitely impossible to kill a culture of an entire nation, especially such great nation as the Russian one," the president believes.

Addressing a participant of the meeting, Putin noted: "Our business is just to keep that in mind and to support the creative class that you referred to and that generates new achievements based on what we inherited from the ancestors."

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