Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hungarian PM calls for high turnout, "no" vote, in Sunday's referendum

With one day to go before a government-sponsored anti-migrant referendum in Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote a lengthy article appearing in Saturday's conservative daily Magyar Idok.

The referendum question is: "Do you want the European Union to be able to prescribe the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary even without the consent of Parliament?"

The government initiated the referendum following a European Union super-majority decision to distribute the first 100,000 or so migrants among the EU members. Hungary was one of the few countries opposed.

Orban is vehemently opposed to allowing any migrants into Hungary. He called the referendum a "crucial" one.

He warned that "left-wing liberals" had been "agitating" against "national interests," playing along with Brussels and doing the groundwork for allowing unlimited numbers of "illegal immigrants" to settle in Hungary.

On the surface, Sunday's referendum question appears simple, he said, but it actually includes all issues affecting the fate of the European Union, and within that, of Hungary.

He charged the "Brussels' elite" with inhumane intentions, saying that masses of people had been persuaded to come to Europe by promises that cannot and must not be kept. People smugglers and naive politicians have tricked and are tricking hundreds of thousands of people and now that the "Brusselsites" are being forced to face reality, they are trying to make us pay for the consequences of their bad political decisions, Orban wrote.

They are trying to "exile" the millions of people arriving to the EU to places where they don't want to live and to force them on people who do not want the burden, Hungary's prime minister wrote.

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