Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ancient civilizations key to elimination of extremism

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said on Monday collective efforts and ancient civilizations are the keys to elimination of extremism.

Zarif made the remarks in an address to the closing session of the First Ministerial Conference of ‘Ancient Civilizations Forum’ in Athens, attended by 10 countries.

He said, “Through expansion of cooperation among the countries participating in the Forum and using invaluable teachings of our rich civilizations, we can counter extremism and violent measures.”
Continuing to hold such gatherings can play a major role in the establishment of global peace, calm and security and preventing violence and extremism, he said.

Meanwhile, Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias said the forum emphasized keeping up dialogue for promoting global peace.

Kotzias also welcomed presence of other countries in the upcoming events in the Forum both on official on observer status.

The forum is scheduled to be held annually in the participating states, as cultural power is superior to the economic and military powers, he said, noting that major steps can be taken in line with upholding human community’s peace, stability and welfare by appreciating cultures characterized by ancient civilizations.
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in turn that 10 participating countries in the event stressed the need for fighting the evil phenomenon of extremism.

Wang Yi further noted, “Ancient cultures can play a crucial role in establishing peace and calm and we are determined to do this through cooperation and dialogue.”

It was agreed at the end of the forum to hold next year’s ‘Ancient Civilizations Forum’ in Bolivia.
The two-day forum of ancient civilizations kicked off in Athens on Sunday. It was attended by foreign ministers from Iran, China, India, Italy and Egypt, among other participating states.

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