Sunday, May 7, 2023

Berlin Court Lifts Ban On Display Of Russian Flags, Symbols On May 8-9 - Reports

Berlin Court Lifts Ban On Display Of Russian Flags

An administrative court in Berlin overturned the ban on displaying Russian flags and symbols on May 8 and 9, when the end of World War II is commemorated, the RBB24 broadcaster reported on Sunday, citing police.

The Berlin police said earlier that it had prohibited flags and symbols of Russia, Ukraine and the Soviet Union at Soviet memorials on May 8 and 9 for the second consecutive year to avoid confrontation. However, the ban does not apply to diplomats and veterans.

Earlier on Sunday, lawyer Patrick Heinemann said on Twitter that a Berlin court overturned the ban on flying Ukrainian flags near memorials in the German capital.

The reports say the ban on Russian flags and symbols has also been lifted, including at an event scheduled for May 9 on the 17th of June Street in Berlin.

A law enforcement official told the RBB24 broadcaster that the police had appealed the decision to the supreme administrative court, which is expected to pass its verdict on the same day.

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